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Interview Friday with Dr. Jay D Roberts, MD, author of ‘Break the Chains’

Jay D Roberts MD is a board-certified physiatrist, specializing in the treatment of physical disabilities with a focus of adding quality to life. He is currently in private practice in California. He is a member and lecturer at national and international conferences related to his specialty, a contributing author to Current Trends in Physiatry, and author of various scientific papers. In addition to his career, Dr. Roberts volunteers as part of a Christian ministry in maximum security prisons. He and his wife, parents of two grown sons, live in Indian Wells, California. Break the Chains is Dr. Roberts’ first book. Following in the long tradition of doctors who combine their passion for saving lives with their passion for writing, Dr. Roberts is currently at work on a novel, concerning children forced to work in mines. VS: I want to thank you for being my guest here on The Writing Mama today. What do you do to help balance your writing life with your family life? Jay:

Book Review Thurs: SpecialT: Nine Lives - Nine Names

Title: Special T: Nine Lives - Nine Names Author: S. Jenny Boyer Publisher: Halo Publishing, Int. ISBN Number: 978-1-61244-074-3 Genre of Book: Non-Fiction/Inspirational Pgs: 100 Publication Date: April 2013 Places available for sale: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Halo Publishing, and Signed copies from the author. The author's desire is to inspire others to appreciate how God uses animals, sometimes very wise and wonderful ones like Special T, to enrich our lives if we only open our hearts and minds to the lessons they can teach us, just by being themselves. About the Book: Cats teach us some of life's most important lessons. After all, nine lives allow them time to get things right. God, in His infinite wisdom and I imagine a chuckle or two, often uses one of His marvelous creatures get our attention. I'm convinced that SpecialT, an older, gentle, tabby cat, was divinely led to my home and into my heart because some of the principles I