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The Stories for Children Show - Bringing Authors and Readers Together

The Stories for Children show is on the last Monday of every month. Each month we try and bring you some of the new, best-selling and award-winning authors of the children's and young adult writing world not only to share their work, but some of their favorite books in the genre as well. This month hosts Virginis S Grenier, mom's choice and award-winning author, and Author, screenwriter,Marsha Casper Cook will be joined by book reviewers and bloggers to share their insight on what makes a good book, how to start your own summber book club and their favorite summer reading choices. Their guests will be: Margaret Fieland , an avivid reader and also author of poems and books from YA to Children's Lit. You may visit her website, ; Brenda Priddy , book reviewer and blogger of Daily Mayo ; and Barbara Bockman , book reviewer, blogger of Stories a la Mode and author. Learn more about the host and our network at http://worldofinknet

Knowing Your Premise Before Sitting Down to Write

On Sunday's I'm a guest blogger from time to time at Utah Children's Writers. This past weekend I submitted a post about the importance of knowing your premise.  Knowing Your Premise Before Sitting Down to Write: Lately I’ve been reading a lot of books sent to me from authors that have both traditionally and non-traditionally (be it self-published, P.O.D or any other format out these days) published books from children to main stream. Many I have enjoyed, while others I have walked away with thoughts of how the story could have been better. But the one thing I noticed no matter how the author went about publishing the book is this…the stories I truly enjoyed, related to and found myself lost in as a reader all had a well defined premise. All well told stories start with a premise. This isn’t me just stating my own belief about writing or how it works for me as an author sitting down to write. This is a hardcore truth we all must face and if we as writers sit d

BTR Show: The Writing Mama with Special Guest Award-winning performer Doreen Taylor

Join Virginia S Grenier and Marsha Casper Cook on Monday March 11at 2PM EST 1 PM CSTfor a special World OF Ink show. This week their special guest is Award-winning Performer Doreen Taylor, who was recently chosen by the National Parks Conseration to write a song for thier very prestigious Salute in Washington D.C. With hits such as "Judgment Day" off her breakout, debut country solo album "Magic," Doreen's music has been touted as a "blend of the late 80s to early 90s slow pace country with a touch of the bad-ass girl music that is popular today" by All American Country Music! With a Masters in Opera Performance, Taylor has played numerous leading roles in various companies on and off Broadway and released three albums before taking the jump into country music. Doreen's music videos, "Last call (for Alcohol)," "Heartbeat" and "Summertime" landed on the 'Top 100 Country Official Music Videos of th

Based On True Events on the What is Success Show at Blog Talk Radio

Join Virginia S. Grenier, Bennet Pomerantz and Justin Grenier once a month on the What is Success show. This month's topic: What is the difference between based on a true story and inspired by a true story? Many books, movies and TV mini-series use titles such as "Based on" or "Inspired by" to draw an audience, but what do these labels mean. In a world where fiction blurs the lines between fantasy/drama and reality do we really know when something is 100% true? Tonight our hosts will be answering this question and talking about movies, TV show and books that blur these lines. Want to know what "Inspired" tonight's show? Visit Keep up to date with The World of Ink Network at our Facebook fan page ! Want to know more about our hosts, guests and services? Visit us at our website Want more

Tim J. Myers is Back on The Writing Mama Show at Blog Talk Radio

Join host Virginia S Grenier on Mondays for The Writing Mama show at 2pm Eastern - 3pm Central - 12pm Noon Mountian - 11am Pacific as she chats with authors about their books, writing success and regrets, and how the publishing world is changing. This week Tim J. Myers is back to talk about the writing process and the importance of reading. Myers is a writer, songwriter, storyteller, and university lecturer in English for Santa Clara University. Tim spent 14 years as a classroom teacher in the States and overseas (Norway, London, Tokyo), has 20 years of university experience, and has been a professional storyteller for over 25 years. None of this, however, is nearly as noteworthy to most people as finding out that Tim is the oldest of eleven children. Check out Tim’s TV interview on children’s lit!  Why is good children's literature so powerful, so magical? Learn more aobut Tim J. Myers at http://www.timmyersstorysong