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Don’t Miss the Exciting Changes at the SFC: Families Matter Blog

September 2010 is almost behind us. Time certainly moves quickly, especially when Stories for Children Publishing, LLC brings on a new SFC Blog Team, schedules events in advance and opens the Families Matter blog to submissions. That’s right! In an effort to keep new and exciting information at the forefront, Owner & Founder VS Grenier, along with new Blog Editor, Terri Forehand and Blog Interviewer D.M. Cunningham, continue to research and present wonderful events, feature guest interviews and instructional tips from the educational writers at Stories for Children Publishing, LLC . Along with content written by members of the SFC blog editorial team and SFC publishing team, Grenier has announced she is opening some of the monthly columns of the SFC blog Families Matter to submissions. “We feel this is a great way for those seeking publication to build their writing resume and for parents, educators and those interested in helping families to submit material our readers would b

Article Wed: Using Twitter for Marketing on the Internet

As marketing on the internet has evolved, one thing has remained consistent and that is the importance of compiling an email list of potential customers. Growing your business by using an email based marketing campaign continues to be a very effective strategy. With the internet landscape continually changing, one would assume that there must be a more efficient manner for businesses to build an email list of potential customers. One of the most noticeable changes taking the internet by storm in the recent past has been the growing popularity of online social networking sites. The internet community has flock to these sites in droves and this trend shows little signs of slowing down. The result has been more effort invested into tapping the potential of these sites for business purposes. One of the top social networking sites online today namely Twitter has become a popular a target for online entrepreneurs. Due to its huge base of users, this site is prime internet real estat

Today September 27th at 8PM CST - 9PM EST - 6 PM CPST--AGood Story is A Good Story

Our guest is Chery Malandrinos.She's an expert on Book tours which is one the best ways to get your book noticed. Cheryl will be talking about PUMP UP YOU BOOK and her website is .  Cheryl is also an author and her new book, LITTLE SHEPPERD has just recently been released. Adding to the fun will be Virginia Grenier's take on writing and some of the new additions to the show will be a weekly event called My Family Does Crazy, by Freda Roberts. This segment will be funnier than you can imagine. We will also have a new movie review segment by Marsha Cook who will review the new movie WALLSTREET by Oliver Stone.  Join in the fun either by phone or online in number is (646) 595-4478 We will also be discussing where BESSE THE BUS is off to and where she's been. link to show

Great Books for Kids by J. Aday Kennedy

Sorry everyone I didn't get this up over the weekend. My five year old had the stomach flu and so I'm sure you all know where I spent most of my time. She's feeling much better today and luckily the baby seems to have missed catching her older sisters sickness.  Well I wanted to share you all J. Aday Kennedy's books. I have really enjoyed them and I think you will too even if you don't have little ones at home. One thing that has helped improve my writing is not only talking with other writers and taking workshops . . . but also reading books by those I've come to admire. You not only learn the basics of writing, but about the style each writer has. Klutzy Kantor by J. Aday Kennedy, Illustrated by Jack Foster 13: 978-1-61633-051-4      Klutzy Kantor Print 13: 978-1-61633-052-1      Klutzy Kantor eBook $10.95 print $ 5.95 ebook Available April 2010 Everyday Kantor Pegasus practices solving riddles. A tricky leprechaun attempts to outsmart him by giving him a

Interview Friday with J. Aday Kennedy

J. Aday Kennedy, the differently-abled writer, is a ventilator-dependent quadriplegic making her dreams come true one story at a time. As a speaker, Aday entertains, instructs, motivates and inspires audiences of all ages.  By focusing on what she CAN do instead of CAN’T, she sets and pursues her goals diligently. She surrounds herself with family friends and positivity in Texas, the friendly state. Her picture books are humorous, reluctant reader friendly and character building. To learn more about her and her writing, visit her website at       VS: Aday, I want to thank you for being my guest here on The Writing Mama today. It’s a real treat to have you here because you have just debuted your first book and have another on the way. So to start here is the first question, can you share a little about yourself and your family? Aday: I have three older sisters. They saved the best for last. Me I have no kids of my own, but my sisters blessed me with thirte

Websites, Blogs and Newsletters

Marketing and promoting is a subject that confuses many writers. Whether you write fiction, nonfiction, for adult or children readers, are self-published or traditionally published, all writers need to promote themselves. And one of the best ways to do that is through the internet. I put these three together because in reality everyone has their own idea on how to market themselves on the internet. I personally use all three ways to market my work and myself. I know others who use only one form to promote themselves. Whichever you choose, make sure you keep it updated with the most current information about you. Another thing to think about is what you are going to post on your websites, blogs, or in your newsletters. Jan Fields, an instructor at the Institute of Children’s Literature, Editor of Children’s Writers enews said in the February 14, 2008 issue, “We live in the information age and little things can become big things really fast. For example, although it is true that ed

Article Wed: Choosing an Online Marketing Strategy

Choosing an online marketing strategy involves a lot of factors some of which are personal and others that are economical. Ultimately, however you want to choose the one that is the most effective for your particular circumstances when marketing on the internet. Today our discussion focuses on comparing the benefits between publishing content and/or using pay per click ads as a means to promote online. Below let's examine the benefits of these 2 promotional strategies and their marketing effectiveness online. 1) PPC: Targeted The traffic pay per click ads generate is highly targeted since the only people responding are those who are answering a specific ad you have posted. Quick Response An Adwords campaign solicits customer reactions that are nearly instantaneous from the time they view the ad. A typical campaign can be controlled to run at a specified time and even for a pre-determined amount of time. Any responses the ads may draw are therefore going to be within these t