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Author Spotlight-Sherry Ellis

Bless Their Hearts Mom: Book Review: How to Turn Your Book Club into a Spe...

There won't be an interview here today, but you can check out this review and interview with SFC's World of Ink Guest Mayra Calvani. Bless Their Hearts Mom: Book Review: How to Turn Your Book Club into a Spe...: "Welcome to my stop on the World of ink Book tour for Mayra Calvani! This is my seocnd pdf book file review! Yes, I am Nook-les..."

If Your Brain Was Up for Auction

I can't say anyone would want my brain currently if it was up for auction. I've been so busy with SFC and edits for Halo that I feel like I'm spinning my wheels in the mud. I know I've made head way on my To-Do list, but it doesn't look like it when the long list is staring me in the face weekly, daily and hourly. However, the light is starting to appear at the end of my tunnel and I'll be back to posting what thoughts along with the other wonderful guest authors here and featured interviews. And with that said here is fun writing prompt post to get those gears a turning.

If Your Brain Was Up for Auction
By: Shery Ma Belle Arrieta-Russ
This writing activity was inspired by Dido's song, Life for Rent. The song's chorus goes: If my life is for rent and I don't learn to buy Well I deserve nothing more than I get 'Cause nothing that I have is truly mine [ Complete lyrics at ] *I…

Interview Friday with SFC Poetry Editor Fred Marmorstein

I hope you all have been enjoying getting to know the different SFC Team members. It’s been lots of fun interviewing them and even finding out a new thing or two myself. Well this week I have our SFC Poetry Editor Fred Marmorstein with us. Fred taught secondary school Language Arts for seventeen years before devoting himself full-time to writing. He holds degrees from SUNY-Binghamton and New York University, and has published fiction, non-fiction and poetry. He currently lives in northern Virginia with his wife and daughter.
I want to thank Fred for being my guest here on The Writing Mama today. I know you have a daughter and have to find time to write just like many of here who read The Writing Mama. Now some of us have younger children at home while others have grown up children and then still others have teens. So here is the first question…
VS: How old is your daughter? Toddler? Elementary age? Pre-teen? Teenager? 
Fred: I have a 13-year-old daughter.
VS: So a beginning teenager. I …

VBT-Guest Author Shelby Patrick

Before we jump to our VBT-Writers on the Move guest author Shelby Patrick, I wanted to say thank you for following this blog. I started this blog almost ten months ago and I can't believe how fast the number of followers and views climbed over the months. I really enjoy doing this blog and it has helped me get back into the swing of writing after the birth of my baby girl a year ago. Hard to believe it's been a year since she graced my life.

There are many things I have planned for this year here on the blog and with Stories for Children Publishing. I will as always update you on what is going on. I know lately I haven't posted any personal updates and I plan to be better over the upcoming months. Again thank you all for your support and now to our guest today author Shelby Patrick.

Instead of a interview, Shelby has offered a guest post on writing and keeping your spirits up when everything falls on your shoulders as the author of a book.

About Shelby Patrick: Shelby has p…

Set Up Your Characters by Shery Ma Belle Arrieta-Russ

Got one (or two) of your characters stuck? Don't know what to do with him/her? Is he/she getting too boring or predictable? Want to know more about his/her personality? Or maybe you have a story forming in the back of your mind but you don't know what to do with it just yet; you have a character but he/she isn't clear at this time. Here's a quick, but fun, fix -- set your character up for a surprise and find out how he/she reacts. A. First, choose a number from 1 to 5 -- quick! Done? See what you chose: 1. a pearl anklet 2. a bottle of expensive perfume 3. a silk shirt 4. a plain gold ring/band 5. a high-end cellphone B. Next, choose another number from 1 to 5. Now see what you picked: 1. moldy bread 2. a used toothpick 3. a bottle of dead cockroaches 4. cotton buds drenched in blood 5. a dirty sock C. Next, pick another number from 1 to 5. Here's what you picked: 1. a knapsack 2. a laptop bag 3. a plastic bag 4. a gift-wrapped box 5. a gym bag D. …

Interview Friday with Stories for Children Magazine Fiction Editor Lori Alexander

Lori Alexander, Fiction Editor of SFC,lives in Tucson, Arizona with her husband and two young children. After working in Human Resources for several years, and drafting many serious and stuffy emails, she is pursuing her passion for children’s literature. She enjoys writing picture books and magazine stories (none of which are serious or stuffy).