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Guest Post Wed: Inspiration of Writing a Book

Inspiration for writing Gabriela and The Widow by Jack Remick In one way or another, fiction is autobiographical but the story doesn’t have to be, as they blare out on TV, “based on a true story.” It’s the other way around—the novel, the fiction becomes part of the author’s autobiography. The novel is an expression of being. The author puts a writer into every story and that writer is the narrator. For Gabriela and the Widow, the autobiographical stimulus, call it the impulse to write, came when I visited my mother to celebrate her 92 nd birthday. For the last few years, my mother’s caregiver has been Gabriela. I watched as Gabriela fed her, dressed her, bathed her, combed her hair and put her to bed. But for Gabriela, this wasn’t just a job. She had a connection to my mother that was true, real, and honest. She didn’t change her behavior for my visits. She didn’t coo and perform, so I knew that what I saw was the real Gabriela and the real Mother. And there was somet

Book Review Thurs: Baby Come Home by Elizabeth Kail Arnita

Baby Come Home is a story of the young bird, “Baby”, who learns the value of unconditional love and acceptance after he decides to break free from the confinement of his cage and those who love him most. The story gives children a different perspective on rules and why we need to obey them while also offering a teaching on the unconditional love our perfect God has for His imperfect people.  Overall Thoughts: My girls (ages 3 and 8) really enjoyed reading this book with me. They asked questions about decisions Baby makes in the story, which opened some wonderful topics for us to talk about. My three-year-old didn't understand everything in the story as I feel this is more for ages 6 and up, but she understand the importance of following rules and how bad things can happen if you don't. My older daughter, however, did walk away with a better understanding about choices. Something we have been talking about a lot lately as she gets older and closer to baptism in our church.