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Interview Friday: Author Dan Willis - Guest Author at the St. George Book Festival in October

Dan Willis wrote his first work of fiction at the tender age of ten and has been creating fantastic tales ever since. Recently he wrote for the long running DragonLance series. his current project is a Steampunk Civil War series entitled, Dragons of the Confederacy, with NYT best-selling author, Tracy Hickman. Willis lives in Utah with his wife and four children.   VS: What do you do to help balance your writing life with your family life? Dan: I write when my kids are in school & my wife’s at work.   Then, when they all come home, I’ve got dinner ready and we can have family time together.   When I worked and wrote, I’d have to cut down how much writing I did in order to keep my priorities straight. VS: How long have you been writing? Dan: I started writing seriously in 2004, left to pursue other interests in 2008 and came back to it in 2011.   I did write in between, but not seriously, I started several books in that time, but I didn’t finish any o

Interview Friday: Dean Hughes, author of 100 books

Dean Hughes has published more than 100 books.   He has written fiction as well as non-fiction for all ages: children, young adults and adults. He is best known for Children of the Promise, a series of historical novels about the World War II.   He and his wife Kathy have three children and nine grandchildren.   They live in Midway, Utah. VS: What do you do to help balance your writing life with your family life? Dean: I have always gone about writing as though it’s a regular job.   I write most days, but keep my evenings and weekends free for family time, house-keeping, entertainment and church.   My wife and I have had an empty nest for a long time now, so we do many things together.   In addition, I play some golf, do some amateur photographic work, fly fish and read a lot. VS: How long have you been writing? Dean: I published my first book in 1979, so I’ve been putting out books for 35 years, but I was writing long before that.   I learned most of what

The Gates of Atlantis Authors on The Writing Mama Show

Welcome to The World of Ink Network show on Blog Talk Radio. Our goal is to bring informative and entertaining shows to our listners.The mission of the World of Ink Network is to share resources that introduce tips, products and services to help strengthen, support and challenge those who love writing and the written word. The World of Ink Network hopes not only to bring authors, illustrators and publishers together, but also help them reach their readership. Listen today Aug. 8th to The Writing Mama Show at 12pm Eastern - 11am Central - 10am Mountain - 9am Pacific for a special show with the author of Atlantis middle grade series. Mom's Choice & Award-winning Author Virginia S Grenier will be talking with them about collaberating on a MG book series and their own writing goals and books. The Gates of Atlantis Authors: Mikey Brooks, Jaclyn Weist, Juli Caldwell, Laura Bustian and Wendy Knight. About the Series: Middle Grade to Young Adult urban fantasy se