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Utah Children's Writers - The Stories for Children Show

The Stories for Children show is on Mondays and is hosted by Mom's Choice and Award-winning Author Virginia S Grenier, who is joined weekly by guest authors to talk about writing for children and/or their favorite childrens/YA books. Grenier, with her guests, hope to not only share their love of the written word, but also what makes a good book for young readers and much more. Our guests are: Scott Rhoades has enjoyed writing since he was about five years old, when he used to make his own books by tracing pictures and making up stories to go with them. He especially enjoys writing stories set in the Middle Ages. He was a technical writer for Novell, Inc. from 1992 to 2007, after starting his career at Atari in 1988. He currently runs his own company, Write Field Documentation Services, LLC . He is also on the Board of Directors of The Tiferet Center, a center for Jewish education, ritual, and community service based in Vermont. Learn more at

SugarPaw is back for another adventure and a bit more mischief - Pledge your suppot Today!

Whistle Beans is the second book in the SugarPaw Adventure series. The first book, Babysitting SugarPaw is a Silver Mom's Choice and 2011 Silver Quill Award-winner. The artwork found inside the series is done by Illustrator and Animator Kevin Scott Collier. BEHIND THE STORY - The concepts for the books in the SugarPaw Adventure series are from my personal life. When I was little, I couldn't whistle. A family friend, Charlie Baker, was one of the best whistlers and I wanted to have a strong whistle like his. I practiced everyday...but never got much out beyond the WHOOSHING sound of air passing my lips. It was the holidays when Charlie shared his secret to a strong whistle with me over a big Christmas Dinner at my family's house. A memory I cherishes to this day! SugarPaw will share this secret with young readers all over the world in his second children's book adventure, which is also dedicated to the lovi

Writing for Children - Celebrating Children/YA Authors

Have some fun Wednesday MAY 14 at 11 AM PST  NOON MT  1PM CST  2 PM EST when Marsha and Virginia talk with children's authors as they all celebrate writing for children.   Listen to the show at It's CHILDREN'S BOOK WEEK and the World of Ink Network wants to do its part by letting authors come on the show to share not only who they are, but where you can find their books. We have picture book authors to YA authors. All the books and their authors have been guest on past shows and the hosts (Virginia S Grenier and Marsha Casper Cook) wanted to share these wonders books with as we get ready for Summer Reading Fun. Each author will have a few minutes to share about their book and where you can find it. Guest Authors and Their Books: Dominick Domingo The Nameless Prince (a Young Adult Fantasy Novel) The Nameless Prince Comic Volume 1 (Episodes 1-4)

Taking Control of Your Story

Planning and organizing a whole story in your head or on paper may seem like an unnecessary bother. Many new writers feel it is easier just to sit down and start writing with a few characters in mind, then let these paper people take the story where they will. Isn’t that a far more creative way of storytelling? No! Without some forethought on the part of the author, plots tend to play naughty tricks. They can wander, wind up at dead ends and become vague and/or confusing. They can even fail in resolving the problems and conflicts they set. There are many different types of story form and styles—but each may be described as consisting of the unified sequence of events having a beginning , middle and an ending . By creating a road map by outlining your plots, you maintain control over what happens in your story. You can use a lose outline or a very detailed outline. The main thing is to have a very good sense how the story should play out. For example, a typical magaz