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Changes Happening in 2012

Quote: “There are thousands of thoughts lying within a man that he does not know till he takes up the pen and writes.” ~Wm. Makepeace Thackeray I wanted to share some changes happening with me and SFC Publishing. Some of you may have already heard about some or all of these changes through my newsletter, blog talk radio shows or via email, but beginning January 2012, SFC Publishing and its many divisions will be moving to a new network server/host. This means our websites will be going through a change over so if you try logging on and get a message, know we are just in the middle of a website move. We are hoping everything will go smoothly and readers will not even notice the switch, but I just wanted to make you all aware of it. Also, SFC Newsletter for Writers and Stories for Children Magazine will be cutting back to 6 issues a year. A choice I, and the rest of the SFC Team, did not make lightly. We hope you can understand and support our changes here at SFC Publishing.

Guest Post: 16 Quick Writing Tips You Can Use Today

Read everything! You're bound to get ideas from the most unlikely of areas/sources. Write about things that matter to you. If the passion is missing, the writing won't be any good, so make it count. Write whenever you get the chance. Got a spare minute? Write a poem or thought! It keeps you in practice and gets the creative juices flowing. Be clear in what you're trying to say. Floral language is more likely to put people off reading your work than clear, concise language. Put your idea on paper before you begin to write. A quick outline or a couple of bullet points are useful as they help to keep the piece on track. Don't edit as you write; do it after the piece you're writing is finished. Stopping to edit interrupts the flow of your thoughts. Become familiar with writing styles. For certain publications, editors may ask you for references in your work. A working knowledge of APA, MLA, AP and Chicago styles is always an advantage. Rather …

Interview Friday with Frank Scully

American Chronicle | Spotlight on Comedian & Actor Sal Richards

I recently had the pleasure of working with Sal Richards on his book trailer for his autobiography BEHIND the LAUGHTER, HIDDEN TEARS. While working with Sal, I was not only able to read his book and watch the documentary the book is based on, but I was also able to meet the man behind the name personally. Sal Richards was born in Brooklyn, New York and in Sal´s words, "They ultimately poured the foundations for my successful career in show business." However, he didn´t start out as a Hollywood or Broadway Child Star. No, this man had to work from the bottom up and his climb to fame was met with many struggles, bumps and roadblocks. Sal in his biography said, "My father loved to make people laugh and often put on shows to entertain sick children at neighborhood hospitals." Unfortunately, his father died at an early age when Sal was only 7. However, the seed was planted and as a young boy, Sal started doing shows in grammar school and for the kids in th…

Guest Post: Finding Your Write Time

What time of day do you write best or are most productive? Here are some tips to help you determine when your best time to write:

What's your writing power?
How long can you write without draining yourself? Are you able to write more when you write for two hours each day without taking a break or do you find that you're able to churn out a good article or finish a chapter in your novel if you write for say, four one-hour periods with three fifteen-minute breaks?

What's your alert level?
This is simply determining what time of day your mind is most creative, imaginative and alert. Is it in the morning? mid-morning? afternoon? mid-afternoon? middle of the night?

What are your distractions?
If you're a mom with kids to take care of, when's the best time that you can write? When they're at school? When the kids are napping or watching TV? If you're still single, when can you write without being distracted by family obligations or work?

Pick your write tim…

Interview Friday with K.S. Krueger