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Guest Post: 4 Ways to Write with Kids

Trying to write with kids in the house is difficult. They demand so much of your time, energy and concentration that getting anything productive done seems like a huge hurdle. However there are ways to write even with kids running amok. Here are a few ways to write with kids: 1.       Let Them Help – Children always want to help their parents work, even when that work seems dull to us. Give your children a chance to learn and experience a little of what you are doing by providing them with a task. They can create their own story book with just a few sheets of paper bound together with yarn. Have them write and illustrate their story. By the time they are finished you will have gotten some writing of your own done.  2.       Set Aside Time –The best way to get anything accomplished is to set aside a specific time for it. With writing it is best to find out when you are at your most productive and set aside that time every day just to write. No matter what else is going on

Interview Friday with Virginia Templeton from Madison Montgomery's Hot Sexy Romance Novels

Joining us today is Author Madison Montgomery's main character Virginia Templeton from her mini romance novel series.  EVERY MAN WANTS HER and IT’S NEVER ENOUGH are hot sexy short stories by Madison Montgomery.  EVERY MAN WANTS HER is the first book in a series of short romantic novels about Virginia Templeton and her adventures in love. Madison Montgomery likes writing strong, female characters who get what they want no matter what, and created Virginia as a prime example of that character – beautiful, smart and confident.  The second short sexy story in the series IT’S  NEVER ENOUGH , has just been released. The third story STEPPING UP HER GAME will be released in six weeks .    Virginia Templeton is a Diva...a very sexy woman who uses her good looks and dirty tricks to manipulate people and situations to her advantage. She knows what she wants and will stop at nothing to get it no matter the cost or who it hurts in the process. Virginia uses