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Featured Blog Post - Writers On The Move: Writing Means Commitment

Writers On The Move: Writing Means Commitment: This morning I had messages from two students. Both have important exams this week. One emailed to say she had not  time to do anything but revise. The other, who is studying for several exams at degree level, sent me the final revisions for her noir novel, due to be published in August. 

That was commitment:: commitment to her  book, to her editor, to her publisher.

Commitment to writing for publication means taking on board all aspects of the job--and yes, it is a job. It may be creative, it may be an art, it may allow you to work flexi-time. But writing has all the same pressures as any other business--research and development, selection of the best materials for the job, deadlines, attention to detail, scrupulous checking and discarding when necessary to ensure a perfect product.

No matter what is happening in your life, writing and the commitment to completing projects with set deadlines has to come first if you want to …

The Families Matter Show with Kecia Burham VS Grenier 04/25 by WorldOfInkNetwork | Blog Talk Radio

Come join Kecia Burham, VS Grenier & Irene Roth once a month on the 4th Wednseday on BTR’s World of Ink Network show: Families Matter. Airs live 6pm EST - 5pm CT - 4pm MT - 3pm PST This is a discussion based show. Call in at (714) 242-5259 This months show topic is on 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens.

We will be talking about tips for parents and teens so they can be successful in school and life. The idea of this show is to have guests and listeners (adults or kids) share information to help empower children, teens and their families. Please post any questions or stories you would like us to answer or share on the show to our chat room. We invited you to call in and join the conversation. Or email us here at Blog Talk Radio.
Call in at (714) 242-5259

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The Families Matter Show with Kecia Burham VS Grenier 04/25 by WorldOfInk…

Guest Post: Inspirations for Your Characters

Many writers have gained inspiration from people they know or have met. The reason behind this is that characters are never more effective and more lifelike as those that are actually based on real people. In the past this was not a problem because even if the real individuals did not like how they were portrayed, there was little they could do about it. However, now you hear about various ongoing lawsuits brought before the courts purely and simply because the claimants felt their portrayal was less than flattering.

Today I bring you a little guest post about how to gain inspiration for your characters by using family, friends and co-workers. Maybe these tricks will help inspire you as well as keep those you care about (or don't like so much) from getting upset.

Creating Characters Based on Real Life:  Using Family Members, Friends and Enemies One of the most common problems associated with the development of characters in any give story, novel or screenplay is that the…

The Writing Mama with VS Grenier 04/23 by WorldOfInkNetwork | Blog Talk Radio

A Blog Talk Radio "Today's Pick"!

Come listen to a special Writing Mama show April 23rd at 2pm EST - 1pm CT - 12pm MST - 11am PT.

BTR’s World of Ink Network: The Writing Mama show with hosts VS Grenier and Irene Roth.
Our guest is Kenneth Weene, a New Englander by upbringing and inclination, a teacher, psychologist and pastoral counselor by education. He is a writer by passion.

Learn more about Ken on The World of Ink Network blog

The Writing Mama show will air live April 23rd at 2pm EST.

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The Writing Mama with VS Grenier 04/23 by WorldOfInkNetwork | Blog Talk Radio

What is Success Show with VS Grenier Marsha Casper Cook 04/20 by WorldOfInkNetwork | Blog Talk Radio

Join hosts VS Grenier & Marsha Cook on April 20th at 1PM EST – 12PM CT – 11AM MT – 10AM PST.

This is a discussion based show. Marsha and Virginia will be happy to take your calls if you have questions.

Call in number: 714-242-5259

This Week's Topic: Can you truly write a manuscript (novel or script) in 30 days from rough to final draft and really be ready for submission?
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What is Success Show with VS Grenier Marsha Casper Cook 04/20 by WorldOfInkNetwork | Blog Talk Radio

Interview Friday with Nicole Borgenicht

Author Spotlight: Kenneth Weene

Life itches and torments Kenneth Weene like pesky flies. Annoyed, he picks up a pile of paper to slap at the buzzing and often whacks himself on the head. Each whack is another story. At least having half-blinded himself, he has learned to not wave the pencil. A New Englander by upbringing and inclination, Kenneth Weene is a teacher, psychologist and pastoral counselor by education. He is a writer by passion. Ken’s short stories and poetry have appeared in numerous publications includingSol,Spirits,Palo Verde Pages,Vox Poetica,Clutching at Straws,The WordPlace,Legendary,Sex and Murder Magazine,The New Flesh Magazine,The Santa Fe Literary Review,Daily Flashes of Erotica Quarterly,Bewildering Stories, A Word With You Press, Mirror Dance, The Aurorean,Stymie, andEmpirical. Ken’s novels,Widow’s WalkandMemoirs From the Asylum,andTales From the Dew Drop Inne, are published by All Things That Matter Press.

The Kids of Dandelion Township by Nicole Borgenicht - World of Ink Tour Spotlight

SFC Publishing and the World of Ink Network will be touring author Nicole Borgenicht´s children´s chapter book The Kids of Dandelion Township all through April and part of May 2012.

The Kids of Dandelion Township is a story about new friends who in the process of discovering magic together, learn about their similar emotions and different cultures. All in the context of a child's day, the kids unravel mysteries of A students, and invent ways to be creative while completing their homework assignments. Preparing the way for children to receive magic, the kids of Dandelion Township wish all children will experience it one day.

Get a sneak peek of the book at

Different Stops Nicole has had throughout the tour

April 8th
World of Ink Network – Spotlight

April 9th BTR's World of Ink Network: Stories for Children Show Airs LIVE at 2pm EST You can listen on demand after the show airs!
April 10th
MomnBaby Network …

Guest Post: Creating Believable Characters

When dealing with fictional characters, it’s crucial to remember that real people rarely know themselves. We often don’t know our minds, we don’t understand why we’re doing some of the things we’re doing, and we cannot really access our subconscious. So what makes a fictional character believable and memorable at the same time?

3 Tips for Creating Believable Characters1. Pay attention to the world around you
Wherever you go, listen to people around you. People from all areas of the country make for interesting speech patterns and distinct dialects. Usually, the uniqueness of a character comes from the writer's ability to make it come to life. For instance, if you have a character from the Deep South, it is probably indicated to give that character a southern accent, so that you make it ring true. For a character to be believable, the character's voice has to be believable. Moreover, you will avoid a static story by using compelling dialogue.

2. Read your favorit…

SFC Blog: Families Matter: Book Lovers Blog Hop & Giveaway - April '12

SFC Blog: Families Matter: Book Lovers Blog Hop & Giveaway - April '12: Book Lovers April ‘12 Blog Hop & Giveaway: Make friends, share the love of reading and be entered to win FREE books!

This is a month long hop so be sure to join and share it on your blog.

Join the hop and enter the giveaway here

The Stories for Children Show with VS Grenier 04/09 by WorldOfInkNetwork